About us


Choreographer/Dancer, Addy Medjo, studied cinema, dance and theatre at the performing arts in Paris. She pursued graduate studies (Ph.D) in Theatre in Quebec.

She is the director of the team ADDYDANSE, which is a collective of artists from various fields. She decided to establish herself in Canada in 2008, after living in different countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Congo and France.

This explains Addy’s particular interest in different cultures, especially in the cultural and artistic field. She has performed and worked with internationally known artists, in Europe and Africa, and for 8 years in North America.

In dance, she started with Hip Hop, concentrating herself in urban dances followed by Caribbean ones.

  • In France: The Roots, MC Solar, NTM, Princess Erika, Admiral T, Les Sages Poètes de la rue, Chrysogone Diangouva, Kalo Tshiekela, Lucky Zebila
  • In Africa: Katanga National Theatre, Atudiangs (traditional dances)
  • North America: Moise Matey Yawo, Dramane Kone, Adama Daou, Kullak Viger Roja, Zab Maboungo

She takes part in important events of Montreal

  • 2010-2013: artistic coordinator of “Journées Africaines”
  • 2012: The Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie in the Olympic Stadium of Montreal
  • 2012:The Nuit des Pêcheurs in the park Jean Drapeau
  • 2013: MAD with the company Nyata Nyata during an event Québec Danse, organized by the regroupement québecois de la danse.